We have over 20 years experience of working with Funders & Grantmakers, supporting them in a number of roles to help them make the most of their grants and awards.


With over 20 years experience in assessing grant applications for a variety of funders we can provide both short-term additional capacity, or longer-term support to assess and review the bids you receive. Working with you we can help you to meet tight turnaround times and deadlines, and support your decision making panels.


We can support the management and reporting on your grants and investments. Working with you and the organisations you have supported we can collect and review the grant reports, or carry out visits, ensuring that your investment has been used as agreed. We will also collect the stories and examples of the difference your investment has made.


Are you grants and investments reaching the organisations and achieving what you want them to? Through a detailed review of your funding and the wider context of where you work, we can support your organisation in developing a better understanding of the differences you are making through your funding programme(s).


We can support you to review and develop your these, helping you to consider your criteria and priorities to ensure that these meet both your needs, and also remain accessible to the groups you want to support.